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Why Bilen Biri?

Why Bilen Biri?

Our company started its activities in 2007 by Eylem EKIN in Urla. Our company was producing with limited number of machinery to meet the demands of packaging sector for wet wipes and disposable cutlery sets; and since it adopted production of best quality and most innovative perspective all the time, it continued its activities in Yelki for a while and then started high capacity production in its plant building located at Alsancak Isciler Avenue no. 180/A in 2009.

Bilen Biri, being one of the leaders of innovations in the sector, invested continuously on its employees and production processes in time and attained its current leading position. Today, our company meets the requirements of its customers with 100% high quality and customer satisfaction by providing wet wipes, liquid filling (olive oil, ketchup, mayonnaise, salad dressing, detergent, liquid soap, grease, hand cream, shampoo, etc.) granule and dry filling (crushed hazelnuts, cinnamon, spices, sugar, salt, etc.), disposable cutlery sets, printed packaging and takeaway products (grease-proof paper, Kraft paper bags, pizza pide boxes, cutlery pouches, etc.), printed toothpicks, printed balloons, refrigerator magnets, car scents, and food boxes, etc., including graphic designs, cliché preparations and press printing.

Our Mission – Vision

Our Mission – Vision

Our Mission:
Our mission is to be a leading company in the sector which meets the expectations of its esteemed customers with the understanding of 100% high quality and superior service, and produces its products with perfect hygiene perception as they are used for food serving and after food serving, and never compensates from high quality standard from the selection of raw materials to production – from production to delivery.

Our Vision :
Our vision is to provide all the innovations, advanced technology and developments in the sector to all our customers at home and abroad. Furthermore, our objective is to make everyone know that we carry the serving value of international dimensions with our investments of high technical value and a line of superior quality, keeping in mind that “happy customer” is possible through our quality and difference.

Our Production Facility

Our Production Facility

Our company is an integrated plant consisting of Product Shipment, Raw Material Storage, Flexo Printing, Stick Sugar and Salt and Liquid Filling, Set Preparation, Towel Packaging departments and Service areas in a closed area of 2.225 square meters entirely coated with epoxy flooring on an open area of 6000 m2; and it increases its production capacity through accurate investments and expands its sales network through strategic planning.

We are supplying products to distinguished brands in our country and exporting to countries including England, Israel, Germany, USA with 45 employees in our facility consisting of;
- 2 six-color flexo-printing machines,
- 1 three-color flexo-printing machine,
- 2 set machines,
- 2 stick sugar machines,
- 1 stick salt machine,
- 1 single square powder filling machine,
- 1 double square powder filling machine,
- 1 square liquid filling machine,
- 2 stick liquid filling machines and 10 wipe packaging machines.

Wet Wipes and Refreshing Towels

Wet wipes and Refreshing Towels

Wet Wipe / Refreshing Towel products used by companies such as Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels, Hospitals, Airport and Road Transport etc. are produced in our facility in desired dimensions, with desired outer packages and essences. Read more

Our Products

  • Printed Paper Napkins: Single layer or double layer paper napkins are prepared in different dimensions such as 25*25, 33*33, 40*40 and in desired colors and with desired prints, folded 1/4 square or 1/8 rectangle.

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  • Wet Wipe / Refreshing Towel products used by companies such as Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels, Hospitals, Airport and Road Transport etc. are produced in our facility in desired dimensions, with desired outer packages and essences.

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  • We fill liquid and powder products in stick and square sachets for the areas of use such as single-use samples, promotional materials in cosmetics and health sectors. Filling of products may be at desired temperatures.

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Selections For You

" Quality and Assurance by Bilen Biri "

  • Printed Packaging Products - 4

    Printed Packaging Products - 4

    by Bilen Biri
  • Sachet Food Fillings  - 1

    Sachet Food Fillings - 1

    by Bilen Biri
  • Plastic Disposable Cutlery Sets - 2

    Plastic Disposable Cutlery Sets - 2

    by Bilen Biri
  • Sachet Cosmetic Fillings - 3

    Sachet Cosmetic Fillings - 3

    by Bilen Biri
  • Stick Sugar Sachets - 4

    Stick Sugar Sachets - 4

    by Bilen Biri
Our Products

Sachet Sugar Filling

Stick / square printed sugar sachets are quite useful both hygienically and in terms of stock control as preferred in all café, restaurant, confectionery, corporate companies serving tea and coffee. We provide products such as white or brown sugar, sweeteners filled in desired grams in first quality sulfite, glossy and Kraft paper also with your logo if you wish.

Inner Material:  White Granulated Sugar, Brown Granulated Sugar, Sweetener

Weights:  Weight options are available including or excluding 2 g - 3 g - 4 g packages.

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Stick Sugar Sachets

Images from Our Facility

" Address of Quality in the Production of Wet Wipes and Disposable Cutlery Sets "

  • Production Facility - 7

    Production Facility - 7

    by Bilen Biri
  • Production Facility - 18

    Production Facility - 18

    by Bilen Biri
  • Production Facility - 11

    Production Facility - 11

    by Bilen Biri
  • Production Facility - 4

    Production Facility - 4

    by Bilen Biri
  • Production Facility - 29

    Production Facility - 29

    by Bilen Biri
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